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Go Green! on FOX 2

Sean Conroy profiles Go Green! for his Precious Earth segment.
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New Propane Machines

Go Green! to operate Toro Grandstand mowers on propane. More>>>

Jim Butler goes Green!

Jim Butler Automotive hires Go Green! for property maintenance. More>>>

St. Louis Green recognizes Go Green!

Go Green! recognized as Business of the Week for reducing carbon emissions, noise and chemical pollution. More>>>

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About Us

We are a full-service lawn & landscape company built from the ground-up to serve our clients through an environmentally friendly business model. We are dedicated to altering the common perceptions and practices associated with our industry through a firm commitment to our mission, vision and values.

Go Green! Lawn & Landscape's mission is to provide our customers with a sustainable alternative to traditional lawn and landscape care at a competitive price.

Go Green! Lawn & Landscape's vision is to radically change the way our industry operates and the impact it has on our environment. We will achieve this through our devotion to three goals that will change the perceptions of property maintenance:

  • Promote the use of renewable energy sources by reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Decrease the emissions, pollution and noise associated with our industry
  • Drive innovations that improve the health of our planet for future generations

In achieving these goals, we will also:

  • Establish new industry standards for service, quality and productivity
  • Build stronger bonds with our residential and commercial customers
  • Foster a highly engaging and collaborative working environment by promoting equality and a common sense of purpose

Achieving our mission and vision will be continuously guided by six core values:

We will be a productivity leader through the use of green technologies

We will drive innovations that reduce the impact we have on our planet

We will support sustainability through eco-focused operations

We will operate with integrity towards our customers and employees

We will promote simplicity throughout all of our customer interactions

We will deliver unparalleled quality and customer service in everything we do

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