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Jim Butler Automotive

St. Louis, MO – June 1, 2009 - Jim Butler Chevrolet Puts the Focus on Environmentally Friendly Practices On and Off the Lot

As general manager of Jim Butler Chevrolet, Brad Sowers is happy to see a new generation of customers coming into St. Louis-based GM dealership. And Sowers understands what is top of mind for many of today’s customers – the environment and their wallets. That is why Sowers is proud that the dealership is offering some of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market right now.

Sowers is confident that the current GM pillars of excellence are helping to motivate consumers in these tough economic times. The current vehicle line-up promises fuel-efficiency, the most flex-fuel offerings with 85 percent of vehicles operating with ethanol, improved hybrids in the Malibu and Silverado, total electric choices with the new Volt, and investment in hydrogen fuel cell that GM is currently testing across the country.

“Jim Butler is the fastest growing Chevy dealership in the area,” says Sowers. “We can’t keep vehicles like the Malibu and Cobalt on the lot because the price point and eco-consciousness of these vehicles can’t be beat. We know we are in a unique position to appeal to a new generation of automotive buyers and we take that seriously.”

Sowers knows that in addition to the vehicle line-up, investing eco-friendly practices behind the scenes carries a lot of weight these days, too. In addition to best practices in recycling all consumables including paper, oil and scrap metal, the dealership resides in a brand new, energy-efficient building and employs the services of St. Louis-based lawn and landscape company Go Green! for its external building maintenance.

“My family and several members of our staff suffer from allergies and asthma so the benefits of using a 100 percent eco-friendly maintenance team made perfect sense,” says Sowers. “We are proud to tell our customers that we employ environmentally-safe practices on and off the lot.”

Jim Butler Chevrolet also helped to outfit the team at Go Green! with the best trucks to achieve the best gas mileage and most fuel-efficient services to maintain the lowest possible carbon footprint.

“If we are loyal to our word at all levels of service, our customers will be loyal in return,” says Sowers.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Brad Sowers or a member of the Go Green! team, please contact Raymee Alper at

At Jim Butler Chevrolet, located in the Gravois Bluffs, we are proud of our products. You find them every day on the highway, on your farms, in your businesses. GM offers a great variety of models on the North American market to help you get through the day with ease, comfort and style.

The company offers three competitively priced service level options. The “Mow Plan” covers weekly lawn service; the “Grow Plan” adds fertilization featuring premium organic matter from natural sources and the “Full Plan” includes lawn service, fertilization and a suite of other landscaping necessities such as seasonal bed maintenance, tree and shrub pruning, mulch application and leaf removal. With options like this, home and business owners can enjoy their landscaping and breathe easy about its environmental impact.